Women's Triathlon Herzliya | Race Info

Women's Triathlon Herzliya in memory of Tamar & Susie Dvoskin - June 1, 2019

The Women’s Triathlon is a special experience: a combination of the friendship and strength of women, challenge, competitiveness and lots of fun.

Each woman may register individually, completing all three segments, in sprint or popular lengths, or as part of a three person popular relay team, with each person completing the one sport she prefers (swimming, biking or running).

Every Woman a Winner! Each woman has the personal sense of accomplishment, a feeling shared by other women striving to stretch themselves through sports.


* All heats are non-drafting!

Individuals and Relays


Accadia Beach South


On roads closed to traffic


In the Marina area

Girls Ages 8-13

200 m
4 km
(1 lap on Abba Even)
1 km


750 m
20 km
(1 lap on the Ayalon Highway)
5 km


500 m
10 km
(1 shorter lap on the Ayalon Highway)
2.5 km

Race Kit pick-up

  • Thursday May 30, 16:00-19:00 in the Arena Mall
  • Friday, May 31, 10:00-16:00 Outside on the promenade between the marina and the Arena Mall
  • Saturday June 1 (race day morning), 5:15-7:30 Outside on the promenade between the marina and the Arena Mall

Time Measurement System

  • Each participant will receive a timing chip at the race kit pick-up for a deposit of 50 ILS (please bring exact cash) which will be refunded when returning the chip at the finish line.

Race Week Prior activities

  • Friday May 31,07:00: Swimm training open Water by Uri Sela, World Water
  • Friday May 31, 12:00: Race briefing with Yosef Lamdan, at the stairs near the transition area. 
  • Friday May 31, 16:00: Race briefing with Gili Richman, at the stairs near the transition area.

Car Parking on race day:

  • Open parking (for the fixed price of 20 NIS per the duration of your stay) at the Handicapped Accadia parking area which is accessible in all time from the north (entrance via the Accadia Dan Hotel parking lot or via Wingate street). Aba Even avenue which leads to the Arena complex will be closed from 05:30.
    The organizing committee is not accountable for the above price.

    You can also park at ARENA mall underground parking, 30 NIS at the exit. This parking will be open at 4:00-5:30 , entrance from Aba Even Street only
  • Free parking will be available at the outer open parking lot between the Shunit and Yordei Yam streets, until 14:00 on race day. On the entrance take a parking ticket and our voulnteers will give you a stiker so you won't have to pay at the exit.
    You can enter this parking till 5:30.
  • Open parking (free) until the closure of roads in municipal parking lot south of the Arena.

Race-Day Timetable




Transition Area Opening

5:15 7:00 5:15

Transition Area Closing

6:20 8:15 6:20

Race Start

6:30 8:30 6:50
Until age 44,
Ages 45 and up,

Bike Route Closes


Official Race End


Awards Ceremony


Race Categories for Individuals

* Note that the category is decided by year of birth and not birth date!





Girls 8-9

Girls 10-11

Girls 12-13

Youth 14-15

Youth 16-17

Youth 18-19

Women 20-24

Women 25-29

Women 30-34

Women 35-39

Women 40-44

Women 45-49

Women 50-54

Women 55-59

Women 60-64

Women 65-69

Women 70 and up


Relay Categories








Youth until 18

Trophies and Awards

  • Awards will be given to all winners of the first places in all categories.
  • Medals and awards will be given only to those presence at the award ceremony according to International Triathlon Union regulations.


For operating hours and exhibitors list click here.

Race Courses

Area Map

Swim - Sprint

Bike - Sprint

Run - Sprint

Swim - Popular

Bike - Popular

Run - Popular

Swim - Girls

Bike - Girls

Run - Girls