Women's Triathlon Herzliya

Women's Triathlon Herzliya
In memory of Tamar & Susie Dvoskin

Next event: June 2022
Herzog Promenade, Herzliya

Every Women is a Winner!
Single starters and relay teams

This triathlon exclusively for women, takes place once a year in Herzliya.
It combines sports with an enthusiastic, supportive atmosphere, which draws women from all over Israel, and abroad.
This special race empowers women to dare to reach new goals, and to express themselves through sport.
Our motto is: Every Woman a Winner!

As a result of canceling the Women Triathlon of 2021, due to impact of the corona, We are planning a special evening of women sport activates this coming fall.
The Amota for Empowerment of Women in Sport, together with the city of Herzliya will held a special event named “An Evening for Empowerment of Women in Sport in memory of Tamar and Susie Dvoskin” on Thursday. Oct. 28, 2021 between 15:30-21:00 in Park Herzliya, across from 7-Star shopping Center.
Program: 10-5-2 K women run (competitive), popular women run of all ages, other activities for women of all ages.
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  • Enjoying sports for the love of life.Women's triathlon changed my view about myself forever. This is where I first experienced the magical combination of body and soul, and the power it provided helped me overcome unreachable challenges.
    I cherish this power, in my day-to-day routine raising my family, building my career, and enjoying sports for the love of life.

    Ayelet Shachar-Epstein, ISR

  • The welcoming spirit and support makes it the perfect environment to take a risk and try something new.Watching my 8 year old daughter participate was an emotionally moving and exciting experience. She was the first in our family to participate in a triathlon and inspired me to try it the following year. Embracing the new challenge I found a love for triathlons and made life long friends during the process.

    Kristin Peters, USA

  • I recommend and encourage women of all ages to joinI participated since the first women's triathlon and until today. This is an event of women's empowerment thanks to the love and giving of Susie and Danny.
    Every women is a winner!

    Tirtsa Oren, ISR

About Susie

Susie and Tamar participated in the 2 first Women’s Triathlon. After Tamar’s death and naming the race after her, organizing the Women’s Triathlon has become a living memorial for the Dvoskin family, with Susie and her warm attitude in charge of communicating personally with all participants. Susie claimed the motto "Every woman a Winner"
Susie adopted triathlon as a way of life and participated in all 23 Women’s Triathlons even after discovering a cancerous tumer.
Sussie passed away on May 2017 leaving behind an entire generation of female athletes she inspired.

About Tamar

Tamar Dvoskin, a triathlete, was killed in August 1996 in a hit and run accident while training on her bike for a triathlon. Tamar was 21 years old and had finished her army service in the "Nahal" brigade. She was a counselor in the "NOAM" youth movement, affiliated with the Conservative Movement of Judaism, and had returned from counseling Jewish youth in Kiev and Moscow, two weeks before her death.

Her spirit is with us in each triathlon.